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Historic Keil House
Seattle Bungalow

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Deschutes Log Home
Historic Keil House
Kent Box Home
Seattle Bungalow
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Roman Forum
Fontana di Trevi
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Mexico City Cathedral

Garden gate entry with trellis to the Maple Leaf neighborhood Bungalow

Garden gate entry 1936 archival photo Current view Sitting area Restored stairwell Stairwell detail New guest room New guest bath

Seattle Bungalow

Maple Leaf Neighborhood

This typical Northeast Seattle bungalow has, like many of its kind, suffered decades of mutilation and neglect. The aim for this project has been to restore, repair and augment the home in the spirit of its original design. On the exterior, a badly disfigured porch has been restored to emulate a 1930's historic archival photo. A garden gate, trellis and fence have been added to fend off the busy street. Inside, the unfinshed basement was built to add 2 bedrooms, an office, utility and bath.

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